5 Vegetarian Meal Prep Lunches for Work

Enjoy truly delicious lunches all week, in under 30 min. These 5 vegetarian meal prep lunches are protein-packed, so you can rock your biz all afternoon!

5 Vegetarian Meal Prep Lunches for Work

Vegetarian Meal Prep Lunches: Healthier & Cheaper

During many years of cubicle life and break rooms, I brought a microwaveable packaged lunch or went out to eat. Then when I committed to a meatless life, I had to rethink lunch. Long before Pinterest was filled with meal prep ideas, I was doing just that.

Healthier: Assembling or cooking a meal at home with plant-based ingredients is a simple way to ensure you’re adding some nutrients to your day. Plus, you’re skipping the preservatives and additives of grocery store frozen meals.

Cheaper: My estimate is that a drive-thru or fast-casual restaurant lunch averages about $12. That’s $60 a week, or $240 a month. Or, for about $12, I can make a big batch of one easy meal to enjoy all week. That’s some serious savings (especially if the Chipotle people know your name and order the second you walk in)!

Filling Lunch Salads

No sad iceberg-and-tomato salads here. You’ll love eating these salads at your desk or in the break room: big flavors, filling chickpeas and all the goodies. You’ll be powered through the afternoon from the protein, without the carb-heavy slump.

Perfect Combo: Pasta & Veggies

Small pasta shapes (like orzo, Israeli couscous, ditalini, etc) + sauteed veggies + sauce = perfect vegetarian lunch combo! I think of this as a formula, rather than a recipe. Small pasta and small veggies cook quickly, perfect for a busy weekend. And easy sauces could include tomato sauce, packaged curry sauce, creamy almond milk sauce, or even a flavored salad dressing!

Take Out

If you love stir fry, make a big ol’ batch and chow down all week! What’s better than that!?

I hope this inspires you to put your health first and to save some money by packing your work lunch for the week!

Let me know in the comments what is your go-to vegetarian meal prep lunch! Be sweet to yourself today, my friend,


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