April Produce: 16 Fresh Vegetarian Recipes

After winter, the fresh April produce is so cheerful! Enjoy 16 delicious vegetarian recipes which showcase: sweet peas, lettuce, asparagus and mushrooms.

After winter, the fresh April produce is so cheerful! Enjoy 16 delicious vegetarian recipes which showcase: sweet peas, lettuce, asparagus and mushrooms.

Collage of 4 vegetarian dishes. April Seasonal Vegetarian Recipes.

What’s In Season? April Produce!

Here at Sweet VegTable, I encourage everyone to try new dishes, flavors and produce… whether you’re a vegetarian or not! And, what better time than April. The fresh spring veggies are showing up and warmer days are coming. I’ve teamed up with 16 talented food bloggers from around the world. They’ve shared their best recipes which feature four in-season vegetables.

Asparagus Is Ready to Eat

My family goes crazy for asparagus when it’s in season! I fill a sheet pan with trimmed asparagus, drizzle them with olive oil and salt, and roast until crispy. My daughter loves the thinnest, crunchiest ones. In fact, they rarely make it to the table because we grab “just ONE more”. Enjoy these 4 beautiful recipes starring asparagus!

Sweet Peas Are In Season

Fresh, sweet peas in springtime make me think of my grandma’s garden. She had an organic garden before it was a “thing” and grew the most beautiful fruits and vegetables. During the winter, we eat loads of frozen peas… even when they’re still frozen! But when spring comes… these fresh beauties are a joy.

Baked Spring Pea Dill Fritters with Lemon Tahini Sauce (GF) by Kristen at Moon and Spoon and Yum

Four green pea fritters drizzled with lemon tahini sauce

Pea Hummus by Kate at Veggie Desserts

Bright green pea hummus topped with spring peas, surrounded by raw vegetables

Instant Pot Aloo Matar (Potato & Peas Curry) by Meeta at Piping Pot Curry

Bowl filled with potato and pea curry

Southern Pea Salad by Blair at The Seasoned Mom

Creamy spring peas with diced yellow pepper and red onion on top

Mushrooms are Fresh & Savory

Mushrooms are one of the best ways to add plant-based “umami” (savory, meaty flavor) to a vegetarian or vegan dish. When you marinate, sear and infuse them with flavor… WOW! Big flavor. Dig into these 4 savory dishes using fresh, spring mushrooms.

Mushroom Farro Risotto by Danielle at Cardamom & Coconut

Mushrooms and risotto in a bowl

Mushrooms on Toast with Garlic & Thyme by Kate at Veggie Desserts

Mushrooms and herbs on top of toasted bread

Portobello Vegan Fajitas by Vegan Huggs

Two fajita tacos on a plate, filled with sliced peppers and portobello mushrooms

Warm Mushroom Salad by Monica at Sin-a-mon Tales

Bowl of salad with mushrooms and other vegetables

Lettuce Is The Ultimate April Produce!

What says “spring” more than tender lettuce?! It’s April produce at it’s finest. See what kinds of different lettuces your market or grocer has this April… there is life beyond iceberg. These 4 epic salad recipes will make your mouth water.

Pear & Gorgonzola Salad with Candied Pecans by Cynthia at What a Girl Eats

Plate with lettuce, pecans, thinly sliced pear and cheese crumbles

Southwest Avocado Salad by Claire at Hell Yes It’s Vegan

Bowl of salad with tortilla strips, corn, beans, radish and tomatoes.

I hope you are thawing out from this cold winter, and are looking forward to the beautiful flavors of April produce. Please support my fellow food bloggers by clicking on their brilliant recipes.

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Be sweet to yourself, eat something delicious just for YOU, today!