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Meatless Meal Base: Herb Brown Rice & Chickpeas

Savory brown rice and chickpeas are a delicious meatless meal base. Top with curry, roll in a wrap, layer with roasted veggies, or eat straight from the container like my daughter! A scoop of savory brown rice and chickpeas is simple, flavorful and flexible for meal prep. Rice and beans may sound like a bland, tasteless part of a meal. That’s not this dish! I cook grains exclusively in vegetable broth, so that they are saturated with flavor. And, the za’atar Middle Eastern spice blend (thyme and sesame seeds) gives this meal base an herby flavor and aroma. This is

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Pre-Cooked Tofu Cutlet

No draining, pressing and waiting. This tofu is pre-cooked, deliciously firm, and perfect for quick meatless meals. Add to a salad, soup, wrap, curry, bowl, meal prep and more!

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