“Go Veg in 6 Weeks for Busy Families” Course is Open!

Eating plant-based, vegan or vegetarian meals is on your mind... but the #busymomlife makes "going veg" feel overwhelming. I can teach you to go veg!

Eating plant-based, vegan or vegetarian meals has been on your mind for a while. Your health is important to you, but the #busymomlife details make “going veg” feel overwhelming. How do you actually make a vegan or vegetarian meal that your busy family will eat after soccer practice?

Go Veg in 6 Weeks for Busy Families - Digital Course

We know eating plant-based is great for our health, the environment, animals and has been linked to reduced risks for cancers and heart disease. But, the media doesn’t talk much about how to make “going veg” a realistic option for regular, busy families.

This gap is costly. Maybe you have a health issue that can be improved by eating plant-based, but you don’t know how to eat this way without cooking 2 separate dinners.

No More Overwhelm. This is Doable!

I’ve been listening to the concerns and needs of other parents for six months now. As a mom myself, I totally relate! I struggled for years with these same concerns:

“Somehow it’s harder for me to throw something together that is plant-based, rather than a meal with meat in it.”

“Eating out or eating with other people is my biggest challenge.”

“My husband and son LOVE meat. I could live without meat, but I don’t know if I could survive the complaints.”

“I have literally no idea how to meal plan with that diet… even though I want to.”

“I’ve looked at recipes and simply shake my head and think: my kids wouldn’t eat that.”

Does this sound like you? It was my life for years!

I can teach you how to go veg in 6 weeks. Maybe you’re the only aspiring herbivore in your family. Maybe your whole fam is ready for the veg life. Either way, having a plant-based, vegan or vegetarian life is doable.

I’m Katie, a veg food educator, a mom (to a 9yo candy-tarian), and a wife (to a partner who has a literal box of meat delivered once a month). I call myself a tacotarian!

I have years of experience, strategies, tips and recipes for helping regular, busy families to eat more plant-based meals in a way that fits YOUR life.

The internet is full of images that make eating veg look… well… very nutritious, but not a lot of fun. And definitely not kid-friendly. #SoMuchKale

You deserve a one year head start!

I can give you a one-year head start in eating plant-based, vegan or vegetarian. I dream big for you, my friend. Because you are valuable and your health is worth putting first.

This is not an “eat-what-I-say meal plan”.

This is transformation in how you think of food, plants & feeding your family. You can be the dinnertime hero!

  • You’re ready to claim YOUR unique veg mindset.
  • You’re ready for a simple method for planning your family’s food (yep, even if some of them eat meat and you don’t!).
  • You’re ready for plant-based nutrition that is common-sense, realistic and in “bite” sized pieces (eh, see what I did there?!).
  • You’re ready to quickly assemble dinner, not drown in Pinterest recipes full of mystery ingredients.
  • You’re ready to go veg and stay veg in a way that’s right for you (and flexible as your life’s journey unfolds).

This course is the result of six months listening to real families like yours & mine, and years of passion and hard work. I may not be able to help you with your taxes, but I can make you the dinnertime hero.

Feeding people is one of my love languages. I show up everywhere with tacos or enchiladas. My closest mama friends confide in me that they love food, but are totally burned out with cooking dinner. I’m here to be your kitchen-bestie, giving you the time, wisdom, support, training and humor that I give all of my friends.

I believe in breakfast cookies, messy tacos, spicy curries, summer cook-outs, easy work lunches, kid-favorite meals and go-to dinners that you don’t need a recipe for.

You can skip a year of overwhelm, doubt and stress. You can go veg in six weeks, step-by-step, meal-by-meal. I can show you how.

The first Sweet VegTable digital video course is officially open!

Click here to learn more!

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