Go Veg in 6 Weeks for busy families

You want to go vegan or vegetarian...

but is it even possible
with a busy family?
You betcha!

I can teach you:

You deserve a one year head start.

eating more plant-based meals is important to you, but...

Maybe you're starting to think
"Going veg just won't work for MY life"

I felt the same way for yeeeears.

I know how precious & limited your time is

Guests having breakfast at hotel restaurant

The Sweet VegTable Manifesto

  1. Busy families can enjoy easy, yummy meatless meals.
    Love tacos? Think kale is overrated? You’re welcome here!

  2. You can eat meatless meals, even if your family doesn’t.
    Have a steak-loving partner and picky kids? You’re welcome here!

  3. Everyone has a different “sweet spot”.
    Never sacrifice mental health for good nutrition.
    Whatever your goals or eating style, you are welcome here!

This course will give you a

one year head start at going veg

and transform the way you feel about food

stop guessing.
go veg, step-by-step.


essential veg Knowledge

1 year of veg knowledge in 5 minute videos

  • common-sense nutrition
  • plant-based substitutions


simple Family food planning

customizable templates so food fits your life

Young woman shopping purchase healthy food in supermarket blur background. Close up view girl blogger buy products using smartphone in store. Hipster at grocery using smartphone. Person comparing price
  • brainstorm, plan & shop for weekly meals
  • tips for meal prepping
  • sample menus



everyday veg meals for regular families

Flat lay of family hands eating healthy food. Vegan lunch table top view. Baked vegetables, fresh salad, berries, bread on a white background.
  • eBook “100+ Veg Meals: Everyday Family Recipes & Meal Ideas”($29.97 included!)
  • meals for picky eaters and mixed-diet families (some veg, some meat)


veg-for-life strategies

low-stress hacks for staying veg

People at the coffee shop
  • restaurants
  • travel
  • your skeptical family
  • holidays



support & connection just for newly veg families

Two happy friends talking outside in a house balcony at sunset
  • private Facebook group for course members
  • check-ins, ideas,  motivation & support

Course Content Gallery

In just 6 weeks, imagine yourself...

Enjoying easy, plant-based meals

Confidently ordering in a restaurant

Spending just 20 minutes to plan your family's weekly food

Feeling like the dinnertime hero

Hey, I'm Katie

and I’m a tacotarian 🌮

I’ve always been obsessed with cooking. But once I “went veg”, I turn into the mama who cooked a meat-dinner for my husband & daughter, but microwaved a bean burrito for myself. I tried other people’s meal plans, but the food never “hit the spot”. Meal planning and groceries felt exhausting.

I felt like a bad vegetarian. I either had to give up or figure it out. 

So, I spent years of researching, learning, and cooking. I listened to the struggles of other parents in the same boat. Then I founded Sweet VegTable, LLC to share vegan & vegetarian recipes, articles and food tips with families.

Everything I’ve learned about going veg is TOO GOOD to keep to myself. 

I’m thrilled to share my step-by-step, meal-by-meal approach with you. THIS IS DOABLE!

30 day money back guarantee

eBook "100+ Veg Meals: Everyday Family Recipes & Meal Ideas"

(A $29.97 value, included free!)

Donation Made to "Growing Colorado Kids"

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go veg Course Content

#NoJudging... we all have picky kids, drive-thrus and judgey family!

  • What to expect & how it works
  • Having a Go Veg mindset 
  • What does “my veg” look like?
  • Your skeptical family
  • Veg snacks
  • Let’s brainstorm: Snacks for your family
  • Sweet Spot: healthy body AND mind
  • Fruit
  • Plant-protein made easy
  • Breakfast Ideas
  • Let’s Brainstorm: Breakfasts for your family
  • Create your weekly family food plan
  • Use your food plan to make an easy grocery list
  • Veggies made easy
  • Kids & food: no power struggles
  • How to meal prep lunch
  • Packed & on the go lunches
  • Work lunches
  • Let’s brainstorm: lunches for your family
  • Brainstorm lunches -> weekly food template
  • Grains
  • Dinner: 7-10 Old Standby’s
  • Brainstorm Dinners -> weekly food template
  • Mixed-Diet Family Tips
  • Food Decision Triangle
  • Restaurants
  • Why assemble?
  • Dinner Assembly Formula: The Bar
  • Dinner Assembly Formula: 1 Meal, 2 Proteins
  • Dinner Assembly Formula: Sheet Pan of Veggies
  • Dinner Assembly Formula: Grain, Green, Bean & Flavor
  • Boredom busters
  • Your kind of “veg” may change
  • Veg during hard times
  • Holidays
  • Travel
  • Parties & potlucks

Yeah, but...

We have a LOT in common, my friend! My husband has a literal box of meat delivered to the house each month. Going veg is surprisingly doable with a simple plan and “mixed-diet” strategies.

Because each family’s needs are unique, I teach you how to use a simple family food planning template and customize it to fit your needs. This course also includes how to feed a “mixed-diet family” one dinner. Yep. No extra cooking. 

Free tip: 🌮 TACOS. One core meal, 2 different proteins. Done. 

Good for you! I’m always proud of people who know what they want… and don’t want. Your personal preferences, needs and life are at the CORE of “Go Veg”. If you want to eat more meatless meals, you are welcome here.

Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Flexitarian, Tacotarian… you’ll find 100% acceptance and support.

Yes, of course. You can go veg on your own, by sifting through the millions of articles, recipes, nutritional info, meal plans and tips for going veg.

Speaking as someone who did exactly that, you’ll likely have years of frustration and doubt. The web is full of:

  • conflicting nutritional information
  • recipes made for foodies (not busy parents)
  • expensive meals plans that assume you have four hours to meal prep every week
  • a whole lot more kale than I ever wanted to eat

Is eating more plants & less meat is important to you? 

Do you have ZERO time for dubious internet advice? (I had a vegan forum tell me to stop chemo and only eat fruit to cure my leukemia. Seriously. 🙄)

Same. I wished I’d had this course five years ago. Take a common-sense, family-centered path to your veg life with a step-by-step course. In 6 weeks, you’ll be serving up an easy taco bar or prepping yummy meals that’ll make your coworkers jealous.

If you are working to improve any health or medical issue, always include your primary doctor and/or a registered dietician. 

1. A healthcare professional can help you create nutritional goals and guidelines that are right for your unique body. 

2. After involving a healthcare professional, this course can help you turn your goals/guidelines into realistic meal ideas, meal plans, groceries and recipes. 

It is possible to lose weight and improve your health on a plant-based diet, but that is not the goal of this course.

At some point, we’ve all been burned by a purchase that wasn’t right for us… (I’m looking at you, wool fedora!).

I’m a regular mom who is committed to helping other families. I’m here to answer any questions you have before investing in this course, to make sure it’s a good fit for YOU. (Seriously, email me!)

But, if you start this course and find it’s not right for you or you’re dissatisfied in ANY way, I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

how much does it cost?

You could spend years feeling overwhelmed every time you start cooking dinner.

You deserve to save time and put yourself first by transitioning to a veg diet that’s right for you.

go veg with a one year head start

Go Veg in 6 Weeks

one payment
$ 127
  • Everything you need to know to go veg in 6 weeks: tools, common-sense nutrition, meal planning & recipes
  • Lifetime access to course content & an exclusive community
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Sale price is good only until Sept 1, 2019. Then, this course will only be available at the full investment is $247.

10% of each course is donated to 
Growing Colorado Kids

This 5-acre working farm is a liberating & safe space for refugee youth to enjoy fresh air, nutritious food & connections with animals.