June Seasonal Produce: 16 Fresh Vegetarian Recipes

Oh, sunny June, we’ve been waiting for you! These 16 delicious vegetarian recipes showcase June seasonal produce: sweet corn, summer squashes, watermelon & blueberries!

Sweet Corn Recipes

Is there anything more summery than grilled corn on the cob?! Sweet corn is ripe (and cheap) in June. So grab some extra ears and try one of these delicious sweet corn recipes!

Summer Squashes Recipes

Let the summer bounty of squash begin! Whether the zucchini or summer squash is from your garden or the grocer, it’s a simple and delicious way to enjoy your veggies this summer. Produce that’s in season is also cheaper, so you can try all 4 of these recipes without breaking the bank!

Watermelon Recipes

Want to bring a show-stopping, ooh-and-ahh dish to your next BBQ? Bring an epic (and easy) watermelon dessert! Everyone’s favorite summer fruit goes gourmet with these 4 amazing recipes.

Watermelon Mojito Mule Sorbet by Fried Dandelions

Watermelon Pizza by Wholesome Yum

Blueberry Recipes

This summer, load up the stroller and head to a local “u-pick” blueberry farm for some old fashioned family fun. Then, after everyone has eaten their fill (and has purple stained faces), use what’s left to make these amazing blueberry treats! Whether it’s an everyday delight or a special occasion, these food bloggers have you covered.

Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake by Plant Well

Fresh Peach & Blueberry Cake by Sweet and Savoury Pursuits

Blueberry Smoothie Bowl by Shivani Loves Food

Blueberry Breakfast Cake (Vegan) by Where You Get Your Protein

June Seasonal Produce: Cheap & Beautiful

The beauty of eating “in season” isn’t just hype… it’s actually cheaper and more environmentally friendly. June seasonal produce is ripe and perfect, from farms nearby. Which means you don’t pay hefty prices for imported fruits & veggies. Plus, supporting your local farmers feels pretty great!

Alright, friends, let’s whip up something delicious from this list and head to the backyard, beach or deck. While we’re at it, let’s put down our phones and enjoy a moment each day this summer! Be sweet to yourself!


I'm a tacotarian, a mom and pun-maker. Feeding people is my love language, and I'm passionate about helping people feel confident in being their own kind of vegan/vegetarian. I'm commonly found in the school pick-up lane, bulk buying tortilla chips and in front of the fireplace.

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