101 veg meals e-book cookbook cover
101 veg meals e-book cookbook cover

101 Veg Meals: Everyday Family Recipes & Meal Ideas


Hey busy mama, skip the Pinterest rabbit hole! Trust the go-to meals of a vegetarian mom who feeds herself, her picky kid AND her carnivore spouse every night. Eating plant-based is totally doable… with a few tricks up your sleeve 😎.

This is waaaay more than a few random recipes you may or may not like.

This is a 46 page e-book with:

  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners
  • Make-ahead & meal prep dishes
  • Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meals.
  • Full color photos
  • Weeknight recipes for standard American palates, international flare and even summer grilling.
  • Dozens of meal templates (I teach you a meal formula, and give lots of ingredient combinations!)
  • Restaurant orders for dinner chains, fast casual chains, fast food/drive thru, and international.
  • Dozens of kid-approved meals that I tested on my picky 9yo.
  • Bonus: I’ll send you my PDF guide for “Kitchen Staples & Meal Starter Ingredients”. Free. Just cuz you’re awesome & it’s really helpful.
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101 veg meals e-book cookbook cover


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