Free Printable: 7 Types of Vegan Protein Sources Chart

"Where do you get your protein?!" Learn the 7 types, get delicious recipes for each, and download a vegan protein sources chart - FREE!

“Where do you get your protein?!” Learn the 7 types, get delicious recipes for each, and download a vegan protein sources chart – FREE!

Vegan Protein Sources Chart

Whether you’re a new vegan, a lifelong vegetarian or just working to improve your health by eating more plant-based meals: vegan protein sources are all around you!

Why Eat Vegan Protein Sources?

Since I’m not a medical professional, I’ll let the experts at Harvard Medical School have a say:

“You can reduce your risk of heart attack significantly by substituting half a cup of beans or an ounce of nuts for one serving of red meat per day.”


Video: 30 vegan protein sources (and how to enjoy them)

Download the Free Vegan Protein Sources Chart!

Recipe Ideas by Vegan Protein Type

Protein Source: Beans

Blackbeans & pinto beans in tacos. Lentils in Indian dishes. Edamame in stir fry. Chickpeas in everything. Beans are the go-to plant-protein for a reason!

Protein Source: Soy

Tofu is probably the most misunderstood plant-protein. It has a mild, neutral flavor of its own. But when marinated, stir fried or sauced: it takes on a world of flavors!

Protein Source: Nuts & Seeds

In her book “Becoming”, Michelle Obama told the story of being a child and discovering that peanuts had protein… and she refused to eat eggs for breakfast for years after. PB&J may be a vegan staple for quick protein, but there’s a whole world to explore. Crunchy, roasted nut granola, hemp seeds blended into a smoothie, walnuts in a salad, cashew butter & pears, chia pudding… all will give your day a boost of natural, plant-based protein!

Protein Source: Grains & Such

So many foods we eat every day are actually great sources of vegan protein! Whole wheat spaghetti and whole wheat bread are easy choices. Then expand your scope with hot quinoa porridge or gluten-free lentil pasta!

Be sweet to yourself, my friend… especially if you’re still learning about plant-based, vegan & vegetarian food. Eat what you love, and try new things one at a time. Drop me a comment below if you ever have a question, I’m here for ya!

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