Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese + your favorite dip = the perfect vegan sammie. This vegan spinach and artichoke grilled cheese is creamy, filling and so easy.

Hand picking up half of a vegan spinach and artichoke grilled cheese sandwich

Yes, Vegan Grilled Cheese IS a Thing

I was vegetarian for years when there was either no such thing as vegan cheese, and then only wet, oily shredded “cheese” that was gross. Cheese has my #1 struggle in going completely vegan.

But now… in 2019… the options are growing and getting really tasty. I’ve been experimenting with vegan cream cheese, meltable vegan mozzarella, vegan creamy cashew cheese sauces and so much more. And I am impressed. Other than the convenience factor of eating dairy cheese outside of my home (at parties, at restaurants), I am definitely enjoying more vegan cheese!

For this grilled cheese, I use a Miyokos “Mozz” wheel of vegan mozzarella.

Vegan sandwich with spinach and artichoke chunks, resting on a green napkin

Let’s Make Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese

A crispy grilled cheese on fresh sourdough is a simple joy in life. But when you amp up the flavor with spinach & artichoke, you’ll hear yummy noises from everyone who eats one!

Sandwich ingredients: sliced bread on a cutting board, spinach leaves, artichokes in a bowl

In a saute pan, wilt the spinach with garlic. Rinse with cold water, and squeeze out the excess water. Give it a quick chop. Then mix the spinach, marinated artichokes, vegan mayo and S&P to taste.

cooked spinach, artichokes and vegan mayo in a mixing bowl with spoon

Spread the mixture onto thick sourdough bread slices. Add vegan cheese. Then assemble and spread vegan butter for a crispy crust.

Slice of bread topped with spinach and artichoke mixture, another slice of bread topped with vegan cheese

Grill the sandwiches until golden brown on both sides. Slice & share!

Tips for a perfect vegan grilled cheese

  1. The vegan “mozz” takes a bit longer to melt than dairy cheese. If the bread is golden brown but you wish to melt the cheese longer, reduce the heat and cover with a lid for about 5 more minutes.
  2. Thick slices of fresh sourdough is sturdy enough to support a hearty layer of spinach & artichoke mixture and cheese. If you use a thinner sandwich bread, spread a thinner layer of spinach & artichoke and grate the cheese.
  3. For restaurant-quality sandwich flavor, don’t skimp on the vegan butter! It gives the perfect crunch.
Hand using a knife to cut a grilled sandwich in half on a cutting board

Hungry for more vegan sandwiches?

Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese cut in half

Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese

  • Author: Katie Allen
  • Prep Time: 5
  • Cook Time: 10
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x


Grilled cheese + your favorite dip = the perfect vegan sammie. This vegan spinach and artichoke grilled cheese is creamy, filling and so easy.



  • 6oz baby spinach
  • 1/2 tsp minced garlic
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 6oz marinated artichoke hearts, drained
  • 1/2 cup vegan mayo – I used Vegenaise 
  • 6oz vegan “mozzarella” – I used Miyokos Mozz
  • 8 slices sourdough bread
  • vegan butter, to taste – I used Earth Balance


  1. In a saute pan over medium heat, add spinach and garlic. Cook until spinach has just wilted (3-5 minutes).
  2. Rinse spinach under cold running water until cool. Squeeze spinach to wring out as much water as possible. Use kitchen scissors or a knife to finely chop the spinach.
  3. In a small mixing bowl, combine spinach, artichoke hearts and vegan mayo.
  4. Spread mixture onto 4 of the bread slices. Top with mozz slices, then the top bread slices.
  5. Reheat the saute pan over medium heat.
  6. Butter the top of each sandwich, and turn butter-side down onto the hot pan. 
  7. When golden on the bottom, butter the top. Then flip sandwiches using a large spatula.
  8. Vegan “cheese” can take a bit longer to melt than dairy cheese. If the grilled bread is crispy and golden on both sides, but you wish to melt the cheese longer: reduce the heat to medium-low and cover the saute pan with a lid for 5 more minutes.


  • This recipe is vegan.
  • For vegetarian, substitute dairy cheese such as mozzarella, gruyere or swiss.
  • For gluten-free, substitute a GF baguette or sliced bread.
  • Category: Lunch
  • Cuisine: American

Keywords: vegan grilled cheese, vegan sandwich

I'm a tacotarian, a mom and pun-maker. Feeding people is my love language, and I'm passionate about helping people feel confident in being their own kind of vegan/vegetarian. I'm commonly found in the school pick-up lane, bulk buying tortilla chips and in front of the fireplace.

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  1. This Grilled Cheese looks so amazing! I love that it’s vegan and is a great take on Spinach + Artichoke dip in the form of a sandwich!

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