Here’s What I Eat In a Day as a Regular Vegetarian Mom

I'm a regular vegetarian mom. I like intuitive eating (not diets). I eat plants, stay active, love my life & listen to my body. This is what I eat in a day.

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I’m a regular vegetarian mom. I like intuitive eating (not diets). I eat plants, stay active, love my life & listen to my body. I’m not strict about what (and when) I eat. This is what I eat in a day.

What I Eat in a Day as a Regular Vegetarian Mom

Why am I sharing what I eat in a day?

Hey, friend! I’m Katie. I’m 42 and live in the Colorado mountains. I am a veg food educator with an active 9-year-old daughter. I’ve been vegetarian (and occasionally vegan) for 5 years now. I can’t stand diets and love tacos!

For years, I didn’t know any other vegans or vegetarians in my real life.

I only knew what I saw on social media and blogs… which was a LOT of kale and quinoa! 😂

I couldn’t picture other moms eating plant-based on a regular, busy day when kids are home from school, you’re trying to get a little work done plus the laundry, and maybe even a date night.

If you’re in that same boat – wanting to eat more plant-based meals but you just can’t quite picture it in real life – I’ve got your back!

Food & Healthy Living Shouldn’t Add Stress

I’m a little different. Or, maybe I’m a lot different? I don’t count calories or grams of protein. I plan my family’s food for the week, but I don’t follow a strict meal plan or meal-prep all of my food. I try to make sure I have a vegetable with every meal and fruit with breakfast. Sometimes I eat dairy and gluten because it’s delicious! Sometimes I press “pause” on eating gluten and dairy for a while, because it affects my digestion. Sometimes I do yoga, sometimes I run, sometimes I binge watch Stranger Things. And it’s all ok, because I listen to my body and honor both my physical and emotional needs. This is what it’s like to do intuitive eating instead of being on a “vegetarian diet”.

And as a food blogger, I will never tell you what you “should” or “shouldn’t” eat. Your body, your life!

OK, let’s eat our way through a delicious, vegetarian day! PS: I’ve included the brands I ate, just in case you want to find them in your grocery store. 🥰

Wake-Up With Tea

person holding tea cup with cat in background

Like most mornings, I woke up before my husband and daughter. They’re sleep-in-people and I’m an early bird. I filled my water bottle and put a squeeze of lime juice in it. I also made a cup of my favorite black tea (Celestial Seasonings Morning Thunder, because #caffeine). I never wake up ravenous, so I just hydrate first thing.

Our orange kitty-boy, Jack, watched the birds while I wrote in my journal and did a guided meditation. Brain-dumping all of my thoughts, ideas and worries onto paper is a very cathartic way to start the day! Get that mess out!

Breakfast Green Smoothie

After waking up my daughter and finding her ballet tights, we had breakfast. She made a bowl of oatmeal and I blended up a smoothie.

This one was banana, frozen peaches, baby spinach (I just throw a whole bag in the freezer), vanilla almond milk and Vega “Protein & Greens” powder. I currently love their coconut almond flavor, but have tried all of them… it’s the only protein powder I’ve used for about 3 years now (and no, they didn’t pay me to say that)!

Even if the day goes totally sideways, I like knowing that I’ve started with a good boost of greens and protein. Also, I don’t often crave heavy breakfast foods, unless it’s a cozy winter day.

Morning Snacks

what I eat in a day: green juice, gluten-free bar, apple

After dropping Sweetpea off at ballet camp, I got a few focused hours of work done. As I drafted recipes and coordinated with my awesome virtual assistant & talented marketing ladies, I munched on my go-to snack. It’s really like “second breakfast” (if you’re a hobbit)!

Falafel Wrap for Lunch

After ballet camp pick-up and errands, I made a quick wrap that has become my new favorite. We adore our air fryer, because it’s easy like using a toaster oven and doesn’t feel like “cooking”. So, I tossed some frozen cauliflower and carrots in a little oil & seasoning, and air fried them for about 20 minutes at 425. Look at those crispy bits! Frozen veggies are so cheap, too! Then I added some frozen Boca falafel bites to the pan and put it back in the air fryer for another 10 minutes or so. I spread some Treeline cashew cheese (the herb & garlic flavor) onto a Mission gluten-free spinach wrap. Then, added the falafel & veggies. I’m gonna make a big batch this weekend, to have ready for lunches next week!

It was just filling enough to be satisfying, had lots of flavors and textures, but didn’t make me feel overly stuffed.

Afternoon Snacks

While my daughter played, did a chore, asked me a million questions, and played with neighborhood kids, I fit in some 20 minute blocks of work, and laundry. I’m working on doing fewer things with more love & focus. Time blocks help me do this, and help my daughter know when we’re playing together & when I’m working. Well… it’s a moving target, but we’re working on it! 😂

I set aside a little time for a run yesterday because my body has been craving more movement. But, we live at 9,500 feet of elevation, which makes ANYTHING physical feel like you need an inhaler afterwards! So I’m just doing walk/jog intervals for a mile… which currently takes me about 15 minutes.

After my jog, I was wiped OUT. So I had my daughter be my “stretching coach”, as I rehydrated and ate some adorable apricots called “angelcots”, a mountain of blueberries, and half of a PB&J on whole wheat bread. PB&J is another go-to favorite of mine. Sometimes I make ’em fancy with cashew butter, fig spread and thinly sliced pears. Yesterday was the kid-approved, peanut butter and strawberry jelly kind. It never gets old!

Date Night Dinner with My Love

Our Sweetpea had some quality time with her aunts in the evening, so that Jeremy & I could have a date night! It was so lovely to sit in the warm summer air in a rustic Colorado restaurant by a creek.

I ordered a veggie sandwich which turned out to be amazing. Char-grilled balsamic zucchini, portobellos, red pepper, red onion and arugula were piled on a 7-grain wheat bread, spread with olive tapenade & artichoke relish. It was a seriously good vegan sandwich (not all restaurants care about making their veggie option as good as their meat dishes, but this place did)! It also came with sweet potato tots which I inhaled.

Jeremy & Katie, exhausted parents on a date 😂

I’m pretty sure I ate another cup or two of blueberries before bed. They are SO sweet and plump this July, I can’t get enough!

There you have it. What this vegetarian mom ate in a day, without being on a diet, tracking calories or causing stress/anxiety. Just regular food, found in a grocery store and local restaurant. Yummy, filling and easy.

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Be sweet to yourself. You are oh-so-worthy, just as you are.

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